Socranos Gravity

  • Socranos
  • Strategy & Packaging Design
  • Strategize & design a chocolate for the Gujarat market

Having imported chocolates for many years, Kratos Overseas decided to enter the confectionary market with its own chocolate brand-Socranos. The company discovered that the Gujarat market loved Cadbury Fuse, but abstained from picking it up because of its high price point.
As a solution to this, Gravity was born. A chocolate that tastes like Fuse, but is a lot more affordable.

Keeping this in mind, our strategy was to carefully create packaging design with the familiar memory structures already created by Fuse.


This worked wonders for the brand.
How do we know?
Well, this new design was the only communication that the Client has relied on for sales (over 5 lakh and counting). Now,
isn’t that sweet?