Nihar Gold

  • Marico, Nihar Gold
  • Packaging Design
  • Design a label for Nihar Gold for Bihar market

Nihar coconut oil is the market leader in East India, especially in Bihar. They wanted to launch a premium sub-brand called Nihar Gold. For this, we partnered them with packaging design.

Our approach was to create something new without losing the familiarity built by the brand over
so many years. The coconut halves and the hair silhouette announce that it’s a Nihar coconut hair oil product from a mile. We added a pop of parallel gold streaks to convey that this is a premium sub-brand.

nihar gold
nihar gold
nihar gold

Along with the bottle design, we also designed the jar packaging. These jars are a boon especially
during the winters because their wide mouths make it easy to scoop out the oil which tends to
solidify when the temperature drops.