Coco Soul

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Coco Soul is a premium brand of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. While coconut oil is topically used in India for skin and hair, only certain pockets consume coconut oil. But with the rising awareness of its nutritive goodness, it was time to talk about it.

Everybody relates to the dedication that goes into cooking. But few people talk about the painstaking love that goes into sourcing and creating the ingredients.
So, that’s exactly the story we told.


The sun shines a warmer hello,
And the birdsong’s is inviting.

Between these blue skies
and the damp red earth,
where nature holds its best secrets.

So, we hold them dearly,
and bring them to you...

Introducing, 100% organic CocoSoul
Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil
Superfood, packed with
real natural goodness.

So, when you taste it,
you know it came from a good place

Coco Soul. Nature’s own superfood.